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Ottawa Community Class Party #OCCP37- December 14, 2016

Come on out and enjoy some of Ottawa’s upcoming pros and avid amateur dancers:

 Advance tickets only $12


This is the end of season event for many local belly dance classes and will feature an evening of students and professionals offering up their love of Baladi, Raks Sharki, Bollywood, Fusion styles, ATS, and more for everyone’s enjoyment.

This elegant and ancient art form has evolved and fused with modern dance elements, catering to the taste of many dance aficionados.

This semi private event is open to the students and teachers who have been invited to participate.  Occasionally spots open up for “rogue” dancers.

Ottawa Community Class Party

December 14, 2016

Doors 6:30p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m.

Ottawa University Alumni Auditorium

  Jock Turcot University Centre Building

Tonight’s Programme – NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE PRINTED – so feel free to grab this:

Please note, for this event, in an effort to minimize confusion at the door, here is some advance ” small print”.
1-NO refunds at the door.  
If a student has extra tickets to return the day of the show, yes we usually can use them.  Thank you for your donation to the expenses of the event. The tickets will be gratefully accepted with a smile and you can go in.
2-ALL ” AT THE DOOR PICK UPS” that are not paid in advance, will be $15- whether they are a performer,student or guest.
3- ALL “paid in advance tickets”, left in an envelope for pick up at the door, must be picked up by 6:50p.m. the night of the show unless special notice is given – if someone is dancing in the second set and will only arrive after the show has begun.  After that they will be re-introduced into the for sale tickets at $10 each for any last minute hopefuls.  Money from those “double ticket sales” will be donate to a good cause as yet undetermined.

Map and Parking information: CLICK HERE: Parking-UofOmap



Absolutely no flash photography permitted inside the theatre. And don’t be putting pics on Facebook unless you have permission of everyone in the photo! DANCERS – PLEASE TELL YOUR ACCOMPANYING PHOTOGRAPHERS AS WELL!  There will be a flickrgroup set up – please plan to upload your pics there to share!


Available to performers only, please note that Darner Media will be the only video equipment permitted to be set up in the auditorium.  If you are a performer you can pre-order/post order your dvd by contacting Tom at info@darnermedia.ca


December #OCCP36 Sponsors

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Eurika Dance:Free registration spot for Eurika’s Veil Fusion dance workshop in the Spring of 2016.


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