Classes – Defining the Levels

Defining the levels:

Level 1 = Beginner classes: Learn the basics of belly dance in a relaxing atmosphere and have some fun finding new ways to move your body!

Level 1+ or ALL = Beginners and Beyond:Designed for beginners and those who have the basics of belly dance already, this course will challenge you to a low impact workout and get your brain working too!
Level 2 = Intermediate Class: Once you’ve got the basics, come out for a bit of a challenge with layering, more props and even more fun!
Awaken your Inner Goddess: Connect to your ancient essence of femininity, while giving yourself an hour of gentle, yet strengthening movement. Stretch, isolate, shimmy your hips while you work your brain with basic combinations – all while awakening and embracing your inner goddess of belly dance. For women of all sizes, ages and fitness levels, Halyma will guide you in your journey.

Bellywood with Halyma

Level ALL: everyone welcome, dance at your own pace, and have fun getting some great exercise! Level 1+: we’ll be learning a routine and treating it more like a dance class, but all levels are welcome. There will a chance to perform at the end of the session but it is not a must!

Bellywood: a fusion of the best of Bollywood dance and Bellydance that focuses on the strong and gentle low impact movements with lots of energy!AS I have been working with Bollywood For Fun over the past few years, I have come to see a potential of amazing joy and high energy dance that could be made available to all fitness levels! By combining that which I personally love from both dance forms, I will be sharing my two loves in a new way for me, and for those who come out to play!Check out more about it online at