Belly Dancing for Fun Lessons

Belly Dancing For Fun, created by Tracey “Halyma” Vibert in 1998, has produced a myriad of beautiful dancers, by helping many women connect to this fun dance form in weekly classes, private lessons and event workshops. Halyma'sBDFFLessons2013

Halyma’s Belly Dancing For Fun Dancers also bring their love of bellydance to events throughout the Ottawa-gatineau region and beyond!


Teacher : Tracey Vibert
In this course, you will learn the basic moves of belly dancing in a fun atmosphere, and practice them to a combination of middle eastern, meditative and contemporary music. To delve deeper into the style of belly dance Tracey teaches (and Halyma performs), the Canadian belly dance section will help to understand the perspective that she has on this wonderful art form.

Suggested clothing:

a short top or bodysuit – or whatever you are comfortable in – and
a full skirt (crinkle ones are great), a sarong, loose pants that can be worn at hips
dance slippers, or plan to get barefoot!
You will get a good workout, so plan to perspire! and to have fun!

Beginner Class – no experience required!
In Level 1 or Beginner, we focus on isolations of the hips, arms, upper body and midriff, and throw in some veil work to play! Veils will be provided for use in the class (you can bring your own as well – 2.5m/3 yards of chiffon or other lightweight fabric is great for someone 1.68m/5’6″ to 1.8m/5’10”).

The class will be directed towards beginners and will progress based on the needs of the students – individually and as a group.

Intermediate Class – at least one session of beginner recommended:
In the intermediate (Level 2), the class begins to work with learning better balance, focusing more on isolation of areas of the body and perfecting the moves learned in the beginner’s class. More layering of moves will increase abilities to add texture to the dance. New props may be introduced along with continuing veil-work, with the options being stick,candles or zills. A new choreography is also introduced and practiced.

Awaken Your Inner Goddess:

Connect to your ancient essence of femininity, while giving yourself an hour of gentle, yet strengthening movement. Stretch, isolate, shimmy your hips while you work your brain with basic combinations – all while awakening and embracing your inner goddess of belly dance and more.  We will use movements from belly dance, variations on classical indian dance, and more as we flow with the energies we create in the session. For women of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels, Halyma will guide you in your journey.

BellyWood with Halyma:

“BellyWood”: a fusion of the best of Bollywood dance and Bellydance that focuses on the strong and gentle low impact movements with lots of energy!”

As I have been working with Bollywood For Fun, I have come to see a potential of amazing joy and high energy dance that could be made available to all fitness levels! By combining that which I personally love from both dance forms, I will be sharing my two loves in a new way for me, and for those who come out to play!

Taking the grace and elegance of Belly dance and adding the joyful energy of Bollywood dance, BellyWood with Halyma mixes these jewels of the East to present a spicy dance workout! Come get in shape and learn some fun dance moves. Great for all ages and fitness levels.

Details for upcoming classes can be found at

Ottawa Community Class Party, aka OCCP:

Twice per year, a class party/ dance recital is organized to showcase students who wish to perform as well as expose everyone who attends to the variety of belly dance styles that exist. Professionals, amateurs, students and teachers all share the stage in a fun evening of dance. This private party for the students of Tracey’s classes, along with some of our other local teachers classes, provides a wonderful opportunity to see dancing as well as participate in a non-judgemental setting for developing performers.


And since you’ve scrolled down this far – here are some of my Mini Dance Lessons on Youtube!