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Classes starting soon for 2016!!

Winter 2016 Classes:

Halyma’s Winter 2016 Classes – Bellydance

Sandy Hill Community Centre – 250 Somerset East – 613-564-1062
registration online at and touch tone or during business hours in person at any community centre.

Some last minute juggling is happening for my Sandy HIll Classes scheduled to start on Wednesday.

With low numbers in both groups, we’ll be combining the levels and shifting the time to 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Call-outs are taking place via the Customer Service Reps tonight to ensure that this will work for everyone who has signed up.

If you have signed up for either level, know that I will push you as needed for those looking for a challenge, and for those starting new, you’ll be fine!

 So, if interested, please contact the community centre to confirm what time to come out!  Should be 6:30 p.m.

Bellydance 1 Sandy Hill 613-564-1062 
Wed. 6-7 pm Jan 20  8 weeks
$54.50 barcode: 979950

Bellydance 2-3 Sandy Hill 613-564-1062 
Wed. 7-8 pm Jan 20 8 weeks
$54.50  barcode: 979957

NEW: Private PlayTime/ Practice sessions with Halyma – Belly dance and Bellywood and MORE!

Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues Street, Ottawa, ON
Tuesdays,  January 12 to March 15

6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

2nd floor studio

Join Halyma and some of her advanced students and friends as we dance for 90 minutes of combined bellydance, bellywood, bollywood and some other fun styles to be explored!

Concept – let’s play!  ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Halyma is taking a break from teaching for this night and we will be enjoying studying and dancing with other teachers digitally! We’ll try out different teachers, styles and have some open play time each week as we just look to get inspired and have some fun.
Drop ins- $10/ night

If you are interested in this fun winter Play/ Practice session, please message or you can simply register your spot now by sending $90 for the full session email interac payment or Paypal payment to

Come play!
Come play!